Bespoke Consulting and Business Development

TFI Group takes care of your projects from A to infinite.​ With over 10 years of proven expertise, we provide customized business and hands-on operational support for companies and individuals who are entering the UAE market right from:​
- company formation (onshore and offshore setup), ​
- residency visa applications ​
- opening personal and corporate banking​
- Overseas branches project management
- Investment analysis and wealth management
- to more and more...
tell us in which stage of your vision you are, and we will boost it from there..

The TFI Promise

Customized End-to-End Solutions
Customized End-to-End Solutions
We translate your vision, complexities and multi-faceted challenges with a customized strategy that’s both comprehensive and agile, removing the need for multiple points of contact yet keeping in mind any specific needs for confidentiality.
Expert Network
Expert Network
We take pride in knowing and working with the very best people around the world who live by words like honor, trust and integrity. They love the work they do whether they are product manufacturers, regulated distributors, legal advisors, investors and even, our clients.

Confidentiality & Privacy
Confidentiality & Privacy
Owing to the sensitivity and scrutiny our clients require and the trust they place in our team, we take every measure to discern and safeguard their interests, investments and credibility as if it were our own wealth, reputation and vision on the line.
Global Footprint
Global Footprint
Think global, act local is a motto we live by and it’s reflected in every single thing we do – right from our global partners, network and our clientele. It even shows in the coffee we drink.

1. Company Incorporation Onshore & Offshore

At both the domestic and international level, we have established relationships with government authorities and other businesses. This allows us to provide quick, nimble, and thoroughly vetted services — Specializing in services for Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, including the four primary UAE business categories — Limited Liability Company (Onshore Company), Offshore Company, Free Zone Company, and Branch Office.

2. Project Management

TFI brings specialized knowledge and skills that empower businesses to make informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project, from the planning stage to completion. Our experts will be responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of specific projects, while ensuring these projects are on time, on budget, and within scope

3. Wealth Management

Based in Dubai but operating globally, our company partners with high-net worth clients around the world looking to grow their portfolios and investments with a sustainable, predictable, secure and innovative approach. Our mission is to help create wealth and greater freedom, which supports their lifestyle, larger vision to impact their communities, and the world.

4. Business Development

Our expertise and experience in Company Formation established strong relationships with Free Zones authorities and ancillary services such as accountants and legal as well as the knowledge of how the system works in Dubai. Many companies turn to us for Business Development thanks to our multi-year experience and solid network in products’ distribution and in the Freight Forwarding industry.

5. Banking Assistance

The thought of a Dubai company bank account setup in another country can be a daunting task for the best of us. Questions documents and foreign territory can all make us hesitant as to how to proceed. With limited information online about how to get one and many different stories of banks being difficult when it comes to account opening this is where we are here to help. Our job is to make this process as comfortable and streamlined as possible for our clients, this happens through being by your side from inception to execution so we can guide you through the account setup process by fully understanding your business with you and ensuring the bank understands this. Our network of banks and bankers is extensive and established all over Dubai.

6. Dubai Residency Visa Services

We offer a Dubai residence visa service for clients looking to take up residency in the UAE. We do this for clients for a variety of reasons, and despite being a “resident” this doesnt mean you have to actually live the UAE. Many people take up a second or primary residency for taxation purposes and this has become something completely normal to do.

TFI supports individuals, entrepreneurs, HNWI and companies or clients of The TFI Group of Companies in their business growth and establishment in Dubai.

Our Story

TFI is a part of the group of companies founded by Daniele Vietri and Armando Giardino. We were incorporated in 2017 with a focus on providing company formation and business development to clients of The TFI Group as well as HNWI and entrepreneurs. ​ Our clientele comprises of high net-worth individuals, family offices, private investment firms, banks, business owners and HNWI who partner with us given the agility, customization and discretion we provide by being a boutique financial consulting firm with a global reach. ​ TFI Group is headquartered in the Dubai with operations in Malta, Italy, Saint Vincent & Grenadines, the United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom.

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